Evangelism Team

Below is a listing and brief introduction to the Congregational Assessment, Support and Advancement (CASA) Team in Local Church Ministries, a Covenanted Ministry of the United Church of Christ.

Rev. David Schoen, Minister and Team Leader
Phone: 216-736-3827, E-Mail: schoend@ucc.org
As Ministry Team Leader, David Schoen is responsible for the development and effective functioning of the Evangelism Team. The team proclaims the gospel in the world and church, as well as, starts, nurtures, strengthens, and renews local congregations in partnership with Conferences. He's been involved in the conception, leadership and ongoing ministry of The Stillspeaking Initiative and Commercials, Congregational Vitality Initiative, including the uccvitality.org website, Now is the Time for New Church Development Vision and Strategy, and the i.UCC.org; an on-line virtual community. He is a speaker and author of resources on evangelism - witness, outreach and welcome; congregational vitality and mission; and new church development.

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