Partners In Education

At the end of 2012, national resource and training support for the Conference-based Partners in Education (PIE) was discontinued. Some Conferences have chosen to continue their regional programs, with the blessing and encouragement of the UCC’s national setting. There are several Conferences within the UCC where PIE is thriving, thanks to the dedication of Conference staff and local church educators who have sustained these efforts. Other Conferences are engaging in processes of discernment regarding whether this particular program meets the needs for mutual support and training for local church educators in their areas.

Conference Contacts for Partners In Education

Please contact your Conference Office for further information about Partners In Education and find out how Partners can be most helpful to your congregation. 

Faith Growth Resources

Refresh, Recharge, Renew Your Faith
Contemplative Prayer
Identifying Issues and Developing a Listening Process
Nothing Takes the Place of Bible Study
Naming What We Do

Planning the Church's Education Ministry

Guide to Curriculum Selection
The "Whys" of Christian Education
Criteria for Choosing Resources
The Elements of Curriculum
What Do You Believe?
Making Faithful Choices About Curriculum
Questions to Ask When Selecting Curriculum and Resources

Information and Resources for Educational Ministries

Discovering the Treasures in Resources of the United Church of Christ
Pastor as Teacher Workshop
101 Ideas for Adults to Grow in Faith
Youth Ministry in Your Congregation
Ideas for Exploring Affirming Faith: A Congregation's Guide to Confirmation
Ministry With Young Adults
Mission Throughout the Year
Music in Education and Worship
Children in Worship
The Kerygma Program Information
The Thoughtful Christian Information

Lectionary Curricula and Resources

Artfully Done: A Workshop on the Arts in Congregational Life
Learning to Pray: A Leader's Workshop
The Art of Asking Questions
The Music of Lent and Easter
Scripture Splash: Helping Folks Not Be Afraid of the Bible
Engaging the Word: Books on Bible Study for Leaders to Read Together
A Lectionary Blueprint

Seasons of the Spirit

Introducing Seasons of the Spirit
Seasons of the Spirit Resources for Children
Exploring Seasons of the Spirit Resources For Youth (ages 12-18
Exploring the Multiage Learning Environment in Seasons of the Spirit Resources
Exploring Seasons of the Spirit Adult Resources
Exploring Congregational Life resources
Artfully Done: Seasons of the Spirit Workshop on the Arts
Exploring the Use of Technology in Seasons of the Spirit
The Wired Church
TQ Survey
Spirit Sightings
Priscilla Puppet -Some Additional Helpful Hints
Frequently Asked Questions
Helping Churches Use Seasons

Faith Practices

Faith Practices Resources
Faith Practices Foundation Paper
Faith Practices PowerPoint (.ppt)
Faith Practices PowerPoint (.pps - self running)
Faith Practices Pricing Information
Introducing, Experiencing, Deepening Faith Practices
Nine Characteristics of Faith Practices
Discerning Faith Practices (.pdf)
Discerning Faith Practices (.xls)
Community Process

Consulting Skills

Problem Solving Phases
Steps in Consulting
Collaborative Consulting
Scenarios for Partners In Education
Assessing Christian Education in the Local Church
Model for Workshop in Consulting Skills


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