Issue One-Pagers and Webinars

Our Faith, Our Vote Issue Webinars and One-Pagers

To prepare for the 2020 elections, the United Church of Christ D.C. Office, with the help of ecumenical friends and partners, has been busy working on issue specific resources for you to use and to share with your congregations and communities! We are in the midst of a critical election year, and it is important that we consider some of these major topics and how our faith informs our vote. 

We hope these videos and resources help you learn about these topics vital to the upcoming elections, allow you to view the topic through the lens of your faith, and to guide you to action. 


Topic: Climate/Environmental Justice

One-Pager about Climate/Environment 

UCC Environmental Ministries

Creation Care Voter Pledge

A Church’s Story of Dedicating Creation Care Voter Pledges

Topic: Economic Justice

One-Pager about Economic Justice

Economic Justice UCC Website

Topic: Gender and Sexuality Justice

One-Pager about Reproductive Justice 

Reproductive Justice UCC Website

Find and Open and Affirming Church near You!

Topic: Health Care

One-Pager about Health Care

Health Care UCC Website

Topic: Racial Justice

One-Pager about Racial Justice

Letter from UCC Officers: Lynching Justice in America

Racial Justice UCC Website

Topic: Immigration

One-Pager about Immigration

Immigration UCC Website

Topic: Gun Safety

One-Pager about Gun Safety

Gun Safety UCC Website

Topic: Human Rights


Latin American Working GroupPromote Peace Campaign 

Paying the Price for Being Advocates for Peace: A Letter from JUSTAPAZ in Colombia

UCC 24th General Synod Resolution “Support Colombian Churches and Leaders Under Attack


Churches for Middle East Peace

Kairos Palestine Letter “A Cry for Hope

UCC Palestine/Israel Network

UCC 31st General Synod Resolution on Rights of Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation


International Coalition for Human rights in the Philippines

Philippine Human Rights Act

UCC 26th General Synod Resolution “A Call for Solidarity with the Persecuted in the Philippines, and an End to Extra-Judicial Killings and other Human Rights Violations.” 

Global Ministries

COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Messages of Solidarity for Racial Justice

Global Ministries Southern Asia Initiative

Global Advocacy and Education Associate, Rebekah Choate

Topic: Voting Rights

Election Protection Website

Register for Count Every Vote Trainings – Oct 22 and 27

Topic: Just Peace

Just Peace UCC Website

Just Peace Facebook Page

Topic 11: Disabilities and Mental Health Justice

One-Pager about Disabilities and Mental Health Justice

United Church of Christ Disability Ministries

UCC Mental Health Network

Homepage for UCC Disabilities and Mental Health Justice

Witness for Justice: Trauma Informed Voting