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UCC hires Ken Skalitzky as new UCC Eastern Region Disaster Recovery Specialist

Through the UCC’s Southern Conference, United Church of Christ Disaster Ministries has hired Ken Skalitzky to the new position of Disaster Recovery Specialist for the Eastern Region, covering the 24 states in FEMA Regions 1-4. He will work closely with UCC Conference leadership and National Disaster Ministries’ staff to engage churches and conferences in recovery efforts and to support the work of UCC Disaster Ministries in long-term recovery.

New! UCC Disaster Ministries 2018 Ministry Summary

Introducing an attractive new summary of UCC Disaster Ministries' support for the long-term recovery of disaster survivors across the United States and around the world in 2018. In just a few pages, you'll find facts and figures, project specifics, volunteer and client stories, photos and "what's next" for each location.



Still fleeing Maria's aftermath: Puerto Ricans in Pennsylvania

UCC Disaster Ministries has granted $10,000 to two UCC conferences in Pennsylvania for continuation of a pioneering program of outreach to Puerto Ricans who have fled, and who continue to flee, Hurricane Maria's destruction and ongoing disruption of life on their U.S. island territory. Thousands of Puerto Ricans have sought shelter in Pennsylvania since the hurricane.

In quake-prone Haiti, students are safe in three restored schools

Restoration of three schools in a disaster-prone area of Haiti means earthquake- and storm-resistant classrooms, safe sanitation facilities, plus dignity and pride for the nearly 600 students they serve. With funding and other support from UCC Disaster Ministries, public schools in Mentor, Dessources and Pavillon have reopened. All suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

"There is something I want to be" - 18-year-old Haitian student's story

For Evelore Jean Baptiste, 18, of Dessources, Haiti, school is at the center of her life and the foundation for a future career in nursing. But her school got badly damaged in Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and was not in good shape to host children. Read her testimony of what the restoration of her school by UCC Disaster Ministries, Church World Service-Haiti and local partners means to her.

U.S. Virgin Islands - UCC Response - Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Latest info on UCC Disaster Ministries' hurricane response in the U.S. Virgin Islands, including the work of the ecumenical Disaster Recovery Support Initiative of which UCC is a part.

Your donations to UCC Disaster Ministries at work

Where do your donations to UCC Disaster Ministries go? Funds totaling nearly $443,000 were released in September, October and November and have been put to work!

UCC responds to critical needs after Sulawesi disaster

Just over two months since the deadly tsunami and earthquake Sept. 28 in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, tens of thousands remain in critical need of clean water, sanitation and hygiene, shelter, protection (including women’s and children’s protection) and education. UCC Disaster Ministries is helping meet these needs, delivering essentials from water to shelter materials and from hygiene supplies to public latrines, helping sustain thousands of survivors.

Success starting disaster long-term recovery more quickly

When a natural or technological disaster strikes a community, beginning the process of long-term recovery quickly is essential. Yet it can be a daunting task for local leaders who may not have experience in disaster recovery and may have suffered damage and loss themselves. Here’s good news: An ecumenical project has been demonstrating success in helping communities get long-term recovery started more quickly.

California churches extend support to wildfire survivors

Amidst the worst wildfires in California history, the people of several United Church of Christ faith communities are reaching out with love to neighbors and to strangers, offering solace and support. Some who are helping are themselves recovering after the Carr fire just a few months ago.