United Church of Christ

Devotionals by Kenneth L. Samuel

Where would we be today if God had only loved us without giving us a gift that visibly and tangibly expressed that love?

In all our clashing, we must be mindful to know what we might forfeit with wanton hostility. Winning our claims at the cost of losing democracy is a loss for everyone.

The God who leads us beside still waters is also the God of our most disturbing provocations.

Good news isn’t so good when it leaves us unequipped to deal with what’s at hand. We are much better served by people who see the depth of our dilemmas and give us candid notice.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to reconcile the God who shatters the earth in bolts of lightning with the God whose eye is on the sparrow.

We may try to limit the Prince of Peace to our conceptions of law and order … but God knows that where there is no justice, there will be no peace.

With so many competing claims, it’s often hard to tell who’s fake and who’s factual. To arrive at truth, we must be prepared to question and investigate what our leaders tell us.

The troubles of our context cannot negate the blessed assurance of our consciousness.

Waiting on the Lord does not put our dreams on indefinite hold. Waiting on the Lord places our dreams on an immediate process of unfolding. Faith is not just eternal but imminent.

In Psalm 134, the blessings of the Most High are called down upon all those who labor behind the scenes. We have the responsibility of helping to realize those blessings.