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Devotionals by Bob Thompson

We tend to project our anxiety onto the Creator. We imagine God’s hands wringing with concern, pondering the next move. Nope. God’s at peace. And God wants the same for us.

Why does Paul say the greatest is love? Love is pretty cool, of course, but greater than faith and hope? It’s rather like ranking air, food, and water.

In crisis, we might be tempted to blame or belittle God. But Eugene Peterson suggests that current events call us to 'immediate awareness that … we are always dealing with God.'

We invest in the gospel by faith, not knowing what or when or if the investment will pay off. Lord of the harvest, free us from the need to see the results of our service and our love.

Bob Thompson

It's been quite a year for my wife Linda and me.

Bob Thompson

One of my favorite desserts is my wife Linda's Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert.

Bob Thompson

For 25 years, I've walked past two paintings on the wall of our church's largest Sunday School room, which doubles as a parlor and chapel. 

Bob Thompson

Elijah is one of the most theatrical and mysterious figures in the Bible. 

Bob Thompson

Most days I love being a pastor.  Today's not one of them.

What's your favorite verse or story in the Bible?