United Church of Christ

Devotional Subject: Jesus

Matt Fitzgerald

Jesus is demanding.

Matt Laney

Mark doesn't name the guy so let's call him "Billy" because he's a combination of Bill Gates and the late Billy Graham.

Richard L. Floyd

The church is gathered to hear God's life-giving promises and the Good News of God's great love for us in Jesus Christ.

Mary Luti

Jesus is always asking his disciples to believe in him.

Martin B. Copenhaver

"The trouble with many people is that they have got just enough religion to make them miserable."

Mary Luti

Jews weren't fond of Samaritans, to say the least. Everything we say about groups we hate was said about them: they got religion wrong, they thought they were better than you, they were strange, standoffish, dangerous, lazy, immoral.

Jennifer Brownell

Were you a first-hand witness that day? 

Tony Robinson

We worship a God who can handle the questions born of hurt, anger and rejection.

Vicki Kemper

True success—the capacity to love, liberate, and empower—is an inside-out, bottom-up job.

Kenneth L. Samuel

The resurrection is about something more than life beyond the tomb. The resurrection is also about the liberation of those who've been revived.