United Church of Christ

Devotional Subject: God

Vince Amlin

Like Jeremiah, we (mostly) trust that God will bring this work to fruition.

Matt Fitzgerald

A vegetarian leopard is like a sophisticated liberal who loves Ted Nugent.

Tony Robinson

It's about God.

Mary Luti

I learned this much as a pastor: suffering kills faith as often as it strengthens it.

Lillian Daniel

"If we don't accept each other, even the One Above won't save us from ourselves."

Tony Robinson

We worship a God who can handle the questions born of hurt, anger and rejection.

John A. Nelson

Healing can happen.

Matt Laney

You might be running from God by avoiding some helpful task, person or life choice. Or maybe you are running because you've forgotten how to be still. In any case, aren't you tired?

Kenneth L. Samuel

Unrealized potential is the ongoing lament of life. 

Molly Baskette

The relative power of God to intervene in the happenings of our world is perhaps one of the most unresolved tenets of progressive Christianity.