United Church of Christ

Devotional Subject: Easter


Easter has been described as one of the greatest plot twists of all time, and I have come to realize that the upcoming climate march can be seen as part of an Easter plot twist in the making. To understand this, one has to first take a step back and grasp how the biggest story of our time has unfolded until this point. (Read more.)

Emily C. Heath

Two years from now Easter and April Fool's Day will coincide on April 1st.

Mary Luti

Jesus wants you to go to Galilee. He will see you there. 

Matt Fitzgerald

When death has the final word life is either a cheap gift expiring quickly or our only shot at an eternity's worth of meaning. It's all or nothing. 

Matt Fitzgerald

When preachers speak about God we should distinguish between things that do not make sense and things we cannot make sense of.