United Church of Christ

Devotional Subject: Church

Vince Amlin

The early church talked a lot about The End.

Martin B. Copenhaver

They say the church is dying.  Don’t you believe it.

Vince Amlin

"What do you expect of me as a fellow church member?"

Donna Schaper

When history is written – especially about the UNITED Church of Christ – it will be very important to remember all the steps along the way.

Emily C. Heath

Churches say they want strong leaders capable of providing guidance in difficult situations. Until they don't. And, often publicly, the pastor is reminded of their "place."

Quinn G. Caldwell

When a visitor first comes into your church, what do you think she thinks it smells like?  Or, since you may not have much control over that, what do you think she thinks it feels like?

Emily C. Heath

The church does not need celebrities.

Donna Schaper

I remember when you had to dress up to go to church.  It was fun in a way that today's uniforms are not.

The perfect definition of a deacon: "a glorified butler."

I have heard a lot of stories like this, from people who wear a comma pin or carry something that points to our church.