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Would Paul Wear a Mask?

What I’m free to do and what I ought to do aren’t always the same. Being Christian means willingly giving up some freedoms in order to better care for my neighbor.

Real Relationships Renegotiate

It’s terrible to feel boxed in to a previous version of yourself. The heart of the gospel is this: everyone gets to grow and change.

Suffering and Dancing

We each get to decide for ourselves if our personal suffering has had a holy purpose. Joseph was ill-used by his brothers, and yet so much good came of it.

Trying to Grow Tomatoes

How can you tell if there is a good spirit afoot? You can tell by the fruits it yields. How can you tell a bad spirit is afoot? You can tell by the poison in the room.

Figuring Out the Plumbing

In the words of William Sloane Coffin: ‘The prophet’s job is to proclaim, “Let justice roll down like waters…” Our job is to figure out the plumbing.”

The Long Road of Avoidance

Freedom isn’t really free. It requires constant vigilance and courage. Even after the fall of Goliath we must remain prepared, because the giants of adversity keep coming.

Goings-on and Come-uppances

I give thanks for the way God comes through no matter what in the world is happening, keeping hold of me day and night, my help in all things and all times.

New Songs

All by myself, I have a habit of singing the same songs. Listening to the same Spotify playlist. Rehearsing the same worldview. Repeating the same prayers.

The Cave

If a lament is not your song today, how can you call into the ‘cave’ where someone is struggling? If you are in church leadership, how can you help to make room for lament?

Pre-Pardoning Compromise

God takes whatever God can get. That's good news for us who demand moral purity and perfection in ourselves and others, yet always end up compromising.