United Church of Christ

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Resolving to Do Better

We get another chance because all of God’s children are worthy of respect and acceptance. We get another chance because we are needed to help heal the world.

The Flag is on the Ballot. Move it to the Chancel.

Throughout my ministry, I struggled with having an American flag in the sanctuary. Until now.

Rejoice, I Said!

As often as we get reminded by the world of how terrible things are, we get reminded there is more as well. Beyond it, after it, before it, and under it is a reality worth rejoicing in.

It Didn’t Have to Be This Way

Before so many lives were cut short by Covid-19, All Saints Day was a welcome reminder that our deceased loved ones now cheer us on from their home in God’s heart.


Before masks became standard operating equipment and before they were politicized, masks were fun. You wore them at a costume ball or acting in a Shakespeare play.

Who Runs the Church?

Jesus runs the church, with my help and yours. More frequently, Jesus runs the church, despite my help and yours.

I Love to Tell the Story

You do not need to be ordained to proclaim good news. You do not need a gift for rhetoric to touch people’s spirits. You need to be willing to share stories from your life.

Locating Pain

Healing begins with recognizing where harm has located itself. What damage has been caused. Noticing it. Pointing to where it hurts. Locating the pain and naming it.

The Opportunity of the Fire

The Great Mystery does not cause terrible things to happen to punish us or teach us a lesson or make us stronger. Instead, the Holy Spirit helps us to make the best of any tragedy.


I am 59, with a few things I am proud of doing, and good work still to do, I hope. What would I do if I had the gift of 123 years? What would you?