United Church of Christ

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Our Next Committee Meeting is Scheduled For Never

John Edgerton

Church, can we talk about committees for a minute?

Keeping Promises

Vince Amlin

We only make vows on special occasions. Weddings, ordinations, baptisms. A promise to God is serious business.

Converting Jesus

Matt Laney

She calls out to Jesus. And Jesus calls her a dog. Undeterred and feisty as any mother with a child in crisis, she says, "Even the dogs under the table eat the children's crumbs."

The Way Out of No Way

Talitha Arnold

We may never have been truly hungry or imprisoned or even sick for more than a few days. Thanks be to God! But I suspect we've all been lost at times. If not lost, then faced dead-ends, not able to see the way ahead. 

Darn That Jesus!

Anthony B. Robinson

Well, here I am stuck in church, messed up by Jesus . . . Here I am wondering if it's me he's talking about.

"Be not too tame neither"

John A. Nelson

Have you ever encountered a reader of scripture who handled every word as though it were as fragile and priceless as a Faberge egg?

Mundanity and Messes

Jennifer Garrison Brownell

The world is often astonishingly gorgeous, and sometimes unbearably terrible. We often look for, and find, God's presence very strongly in those times.  But most of the time, the world is neither of those things.

Against the Pinched

Quinn G. Caldwell

When the letter of the law gets in the way of the Spirit of praise, when the rules are used to elevate oneself over others, when those who love God so much they can't help it get beaten down by those who are and must always be "right," Jesus gets mad.

Final Accounting

Emily C. Heath

Sometimes we all need a brutal reminder of the fact that we are living with the limited resource of time, and that one day we will have exhausted our supply.

Is There a Heart in the Treasury?

Kenneth L. Samuel

If there is a continuous disconnect between what we say we value in our hearts and how we spend our dollars, then perhaps we're just not being true.