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The Praise of the Spider

Richard L. Floyd

The great Puritan divine Jonathan Edwards was a close observer of the natural world, in which he everywhere saw glimpses of the goodness and glory of God.


Tony Robinson

We are the comfortable and in need of affliction, and we are also the afflicted and in need of comfort.

Architect / Pipe Bomb

Matt Fitzgerald

I don't expect to be startled by God in the lyrics of pop music.

In Every Respect

Mary Luti

Jesus may have been without sin, but he's never expected you to be.

Care for the Incarcerated

Kenneth L. Samuel

No one really knows just how much possibility and potential are locked behind prison bars.

Keep Asking Questions

Will Hagenbuch

Do we give God enough credit when it comes to asking questions? Too often we bail on God too soon.


Vince Amlin

The right time for sabbath is not when our work is finished, but when it has piled up until we cannot see over it into a hopeful future.


Matt Laney

Jesus won't wait for you to be perfect before calling you to follow him. Not even Jesus has that much time.

Keep the Paradox

Martin B. Copenhaver

In Jesus the distant and majestic creator of the heavens and the earth becomes Emmanuel, that is, "God with us."

Power Position

Molly Baskette

The benefit of confession is that, by admitting our weaknesses, to our God and to ourselves, we come into our strength.