United Church of Christ

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Willie Sordillo

Taking responsibility for one's actions is good; nagging guilt, however, is evidence of self-absorption, a turning away from God.

We Will Rebuild

Vince Amlin

Like the people of Judah returning to find their holy city wrecked, many walk through our doors (and perhaps yours, too) feeling spiritually demolished.

Passing Through

Matt Laney

When we gather around the Lord's Table, the rations are admittedly thin. And yet, the forgiveness of God in the breadcrumb and thimble-full of juice is an inexhaustible, renewable resource.

"Didn't I Wash Your Feet?"

Martin B. Copenhaver

It is good to know that Jesus' followers are still capable of shocking others by their outrageous behavior. 

Who Knows?

Kenneth L. Samuel

The most popular religions are the ones that promote a certain set of scriptures, messages, symbols, rules, codes and even 'secrets'as the key to unleashing the blessings of divine favor.

Who's In? Who's Out?

John A. Nelson

Is it truly impossible for someone who has believed and then "fallen away" to ever regain God's favor? Does God really divide the world into the saved and the damned?

Listen. Shhhhh.

Jennifer Brownell

Consider the possibility that the peace you’ve been looking for – whether in your own backyard or on the national stage of a heating-up presidential campaign – may come as simply as  for once deciding not to argue.

Christians in the Wild

Quinn G. Caldwell

People leave the church all the time.  Some think of them as lost; some talk about them as lapsed.  But what if what they really are is…feral?  And what if it’s God who made them that way?

This is the Other MacArthur Calling

Donna Schaper

I love the way God is like the Macarthur Foundation, adopting us and giving us inheritances, rich ones that are way beyond monetization in the first place.

Trust the Vision

Talitha Arnold

How do you pray for the earth?