United Church of Christ

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King of the Mountain

Matt Laney

Whose rules will you follow today?

In Situ

Mary Luti

The Rev. Jed Mannis sets up a communion table on the Cambridge Common every Sunday and leads the homeless members of the Outdoor Church in worship.

"The Little Things"

Matt Fitzgerald

When I was a child head lice got a kid stigmatized. Today head lice are the new normal.

Don't Believe the Hype

Emily C. Heath

The church does not need celebrities.

Perfect Pastors

Vince Amlin

Since I am a minister, people are always apologizing to me. When they drink or curse. When they talk about sex or anger.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Kenneth L. Samuel

On this Ash Wednesday we are mindful of the ashes from which we were created. Amen.

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Lillian Daniel

Happy Fat Tuesday, everybody!

Good Morning

Kenneth L. Samuel

Joy comes when we understand and believe that dark times and dark situations cannot prevent the fulfillment of God's promise and progress in our lives.

Vacation Homes

Matt Laney

If you are in a tropical paradise or shivering in a frozen wasteland, clear off time for Ash Wednesday this week.

A New Valentine's Song

Donna Schaper

Valentine's Day is a holiday that many of us love to hate.