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Turn or Burn?

Matt Laney

Have you ever looked up through your windshield and seen a billboard that said "If you die tonight are you sure you would go to heaven?"

All Things to All People

Elissa Johnk

Being everything to everyone usually means nothing to anyone. 

Coffins at Costco

Matt Fitzgerald

You can run from death. You can immerse yourself in the surface, diverted by screens and magazines, distracted from everything, including existence itself.


Quinn G. Caldwell

While I've never for one second fretted that God might intentionally open the fountains of the deep, I think a great deal about the ways we seem to be hellbent on doing that ourselves. 

"Clinton is a Sinner And So Are You!"

Don Camp

Repent! Turn about!

Ashes, Dust and Stardust

Donna Schaper

Mid-Lent is a good moment to remember Ash Wednesday.

All Things Are Yours

Kenneth L. Samuel

Our world is full of countless either/or choices.

He Knew

Mary Luti

Nothing thrown back to wound or destroy—this is the gospel whose ministers we are. Offer it to someone today.

"You Love Me. You Really Love Me."

Matt Fitzgerald

We all long for affirmation. We ask "Am I worthwhile? Am I a valuable? Am I beloved?"

Who Put You in Charge?

Emily C. Heath

Churches say they want strong leaders capable of providing guidance in difficult situations. Until they don't. And, often publicly, the pastor is reminded of their "place."