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A Chorus of Trees

Richard L. Floyd

In the Bible trees are sometimes not the staid objects we take them for, but lively participants in a great celebration.

Every Expectant Second

Matt Fitzgerald

We cannot wait for God to arrive in our midst. But we have no choice. We have to wait.


John Edgerton

Perhaps your life has tumbled into disarray, with patterns of living that once were sustainable now proving disastrous.

Eyewitness News

Mary Luti

How do disillusioned hearts turn the corner to hope again? 

Much More than Words

Kenneth L. Samuel

This Good News requires a passionate presence among people, the strength to forgive and the humility to be forgiven, the faith to keep searching for light despite the darkness of night.

Think Outside the Water Bottle

Donna Schaper

We become worthy of our call by treasuring our water and remembering, always, in every way, who has and who has not.

Eleven Words

Martin B. Copenhaver

These eleven words are important to say—and powerful—not just at such critical moments, but at other times and in other circumstances.  

To Walk with God and One Another

Talitha Arnold

Whether from 3,000 years ago or a mere 300, the covenant to walk with God and one another affirms that faith is a journey, best taken with others.

For Those Who Are Doing Just Fine

Quinn G. Caldwell

When all is well in your world, Psalm 86 becomes a proclamation of this fact, an acknowledgement that all life is precarious.


Quinn G. Caldwell

Sometime soon you'll have to say goodbye to somebody.  It's worth doing well, for it's all about faith.