United Church of Christ

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Oh Say, Can You See?

Make us good citizens of this realm, O God, by making us better citizens of yours, eyes on the prize and committed to closing the distance.

Beyond Bravery

Our greatest challenge is not in dying but in living our lives in the fullness of our values and purpose. Life that is disconnected from value and purpose is mere existence.


Our son had never been in such a big Pride parade.

Chicken Pants

The word of correction that comes out a shout.

Spiritual Arteriosclerosis

A hardened heart is arteriosclerosis of the spirit, the refusal to feel anymore. Hanging on to the ability to care, the ability to feel, the ability to hurt is not for babies.

A Birthday Gift

The ancient teachers tell us: heaven is both now and not yet. Something coming, something already here. Appreciation for today. Love that is big enough to hold eternity.

Body Talk

I feel the tiredness all in my body. Perhaps my body is calling me back to myself. To slow down and take notice. To breathe into those places that are painfully holding on to tension..

Examine Yourselves

At least for a chunk of today, ease up on the kids, on the co-workers, the politicians, the neighbors, the spouse, and just do your own work as honestly and courageously as you can.

Coming Down the Mountain

God, today a few thousand UCC leaders come down the mountain from General Synod 32. May the blessing they've received, renew us all.

Our Dread Enemies

Although the psalmist assures us God will shoot an arrow at our enemies, I am grown up enough to forgive a childhood transgression. Until I realize that I have been unfriended.