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The Joy of Tests

Vince Amlin

I have often thought of tests of faith like ordinary exams, asking me what I already know, making sure I did the required reading.

Spiritual Things

Molly Baskette

In orthodox Christianity, possessions are suspect. But there are some 'things' that exert a powerfully beneficial force over our spirits.

Laying On of Hands

Jennifer Brownell

Laying on of hands is a blessing, a reminder of the movement of the Holy Spirit, a passing of God's call from one generation to the next.

Prayer Warriors

Marchaé Grair

As a child, I didn't always understand the term "prayer warriors." What kind of war were they fighting?


Mary Luti

At Jesus' baptism, God discloses his identity: beloved Child.

'Got Your ID?'

Kenneth L. Samuel

Self-appointed messiahs are prevalent everywhere.

A Love So Fierce It Cancelled School

Matt Fitzgerald

What does God look like?

Deep Time

Molly Baskette

It's a great comfort, whatever the current calamity, to know that there's a time in the future when it's already been resolved, somehow, and that that future is as real to God as the now you are suffering through.


36 to 1

Tony Robinson

Hospitality to the stranger. A revelation.

The Seven Last Words of the Church

Richard L. Floyd

The church is gathered to hear God's life-giving promises and the Good News of God's great love for us in Jesus Christ.