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When Cells Differentiate

Lillian Daniel

Cells differentiate, just like people do.

We Don't Have a Clue

Matt Fitzgerald

The world needs a church audacious enough to gather in the name of Christ, yet humble enough to say we don't quite know what we're talking about.

Social Media Diet for the New Year

Donna Schaper

For my new year's resolution, I am putting myself on a social media diet.


Tony Robinson

Just when we thought we were safe in some gated community (there are a lot of different kinds of gates and fences), God moves into the neighborhood.

"The Church is Not a Building"

Richard L. Floyd

I do believe, in the words of the Avery/Marsh song, that "The church is not a building, the church is not a steeple, the church is not a resting place, the church is a people."

From the Farthest Parts of the Earth

Talitha Arnold

Jeremiah's vision of God's great company of the sorrow-laden may be too adult for our usual children's processionals. Yet we grown-ups see such processions every day with the news of refugees from as far afield as Syria and Central America.

Wisdom of Earth and Heaven

John Nelson

I wonder about James: how well did he know human nature?

New Year, Old Me

Emily C. Heath

New Year's Day, and the companion resolution-making process, has never worked for me.

Hidden Treasure

Ron Buford

I still remember those moments as if they happened yesterday. On bad days, they help get me through.

Grace For the Old, Too

Tony Robinson

Sometimes in the Christmas focus on children, on the young woman Mary and the birth in the manger, we miss another element in the story of Christ's birth. There is grace here not just for the young, but for the old, or older, as well.