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Letting Go of Being Right

Tony Robinson

It's embarrassing for me to admit how often I want to be "right."

How Many Gods Do You Have?

Donna Schaper

Our false Gods are worry and joylessness.

Where Do Watches Come From?

Lillian Daniel

Let's appreciate the scientific theory but let's not make an idol of it.

Tempted to Greatness

Matt Laney

There's a lot of emphasis on excellence and greatness these days, even in the church. The temptations of Jesus caution against all that.

Jealous God

Vince Amlin

I refuse to worship a jealous god, the kind of god that requires the destruction of others' sacred space.

The End of Exile

Alan F. Parker

Ed described himself as a Jewish atheist communist. For good measure, he added with a smile, "And sort of a Buddhist." He was the youngest resident at the assisted living facility.

A Limit to Perfection

Jennifer Brownell

I have seen the limit to all perfection more times than I can count.

Rain in the Nightwatch

Ron Buford

Sometimes in relationships, organizations, a call, or even with God we can feel mired in darkness. But love, like the dawn, is not a feeling—it's an eternal promise.

The Bride and the Iguana, and Other True Stories

Mary Luti

"The Word of the Lord!"

A Blessing for a Biker

Sir John Hargrave

Jesus said, "Love your enemies," but if you're leading a relatively stable lifestyle, you probably don't have many outright enemies. Who are we supposed to pray for? ISIS?