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Nothing Much Happens Today

Emily C. Heath

What if this year we heard every story of Holy Week?

I Love a Parade

Vince Amlin

If you have never marched behind a band while waving to adoring crowds and proclaiming the good news of God's love, put it on your bucket list.

He Is Not Raisins

Matt Fitzgerald

When preachers speak about God we should distinguish between things that do not make sense and things we cannot make sense of.

Following the Light

Emily C. Heath

Our best intentions don't always win out, and by the time Lent rolls around the promises of Christmas are often long forgotten

Hold Fast

Vince Amlin

It's hard to hold fast to a vision, to turn dreams into reality or build something that wasn't there before.

God Still Rules

Kenneth L. Samuel

Perhaps it is only when we acknowledge our lack of control that we really begin to trust the God who is always in control.

Genre Fatigue in Vegas

Lillian Daniel

Excess makes us miss restraint.

Just As I Am

Richard L. Floyd

Is God really like a Santa Claus character who "sees you when you're sleeping" or a prying parent who stalks your Facebook page?


Matt Laney

So often we stumble and bumble, going through the motions, mechanically punching in and punching out, dragging ourselves through a caffeine withdrawal-like state.


Mary Luti

For Jesus, the kingdom comes by wonder and strategy, protest and ecstasy, imagination and politics . . .