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Children of the Promise

Vicki Kemper

Kids. You just never know.

God's Campaign Slogans

Molly Baskette

We're living through a presidential election season unprecedented in its incivility and locker-room barbs.

Childish Ways

Lillian Daniel

I know a lot of adults who have not put aside childish ways.

Saying and Doing

Matthew Laney

It's entirely possible to follow Jesus and be an unbeliever.

Sight Singing

Vince Amlin

It's painful singing a new song. Awkward. Embarrassing.

Slippery Slopes

Vicki Kemper

So here's the bad news, which you already know: Choices have consequences.

A Simple Question

Emily C. Heath

What would Jesus ask congregations who have been kicking the metaphorical can down the road for years and years, bemoaning a culture that has passed them by, blaming a changing world for declining membership.


Quinn G. Caldwell

Outside of church, how often do you say the name Jesus Christ?

Consider Well, Follow Anyway

Mary Luti

Sometimes it seems as if Jesus doesn't really want people to follow him.

Titles Fancy and Plain

Martin B. Copenhaver

Recently I have been thinking about titles and their significance.