United Church of Christ

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Just Wednesday Night

I like to imagine us all as sparrows and swallows, finding little corners of this sacred space to make our homes—a divine ecosystem, all happy to dwell under the same roof.

The Pennies on the Floor

The real call to sacrificial giving rests on those who have much: not just pennies on the floor of the minivan or change from a cappuccino. What’s your giving temperament?

The Safety for Which They Long

The debate remains if inhospitality to immigrants is 'who we are' as a nation. But it is not who our God is. Our God prioritizes the needy and 'the safety for which they long.'

Impossible Things

I think rationality is overrated. I doubt we can motor through a single day unless, as Lewis Carroll wrote, we are willing to believe six impossible things before breakfast.

A Prayer for Today

Regardless of the events in the nation or the world today, we all need to heed the call to pray for everyone: for those in high positions, for ourselves, and for the human family.

Universal Sick Care

The difference isn’t between the 'sick' and 'healthy.' The difference is between those who know they are finite beings and those who are in denial.

Rainbow Man

Maybe looking people in the eye and telling them, 'God loves you irrevocably' won’t soften our hearts and end all harm. I dunno. But let’s try anyway and see what happens.


We don’t get a say in our inheritance, the pains transmitted from ancestor to descendant. But the emotional and spiritual inheritance that we leave behind? That’s another story.

Use of Sense

We don’t have to be superheroes to sense when something is wrong. God created us with sensitive capabilities to have insight, to be attuned, to be proactive instead of silent.

A Long Defeat

Unless we know our weakness, we start believing that the world’s betterment hinges on us, that we are saviors. Unless we relinquish the solace of outcomes, the work turns bitter.