United Church of Christ

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What We Will Be

Holy God, drain us of derision and contempt. Render us stock-still before the glory of each other’s soaring flight.

It’s in Our DNA

In the midst of psalms of comfort and praise is the call to care for the poor, feed the hungry, uphold the vulnerable, and advocate for justice. It’s in the DNA of our faith.

The Morning Watch

The practice of acute engagement with God, no matter the circumstance or feeling of the day, will always, always be worth exercising.

Alt Jesus

My alt-Jesus is a mirror image of myself. You might have an alt-Jesus as well, one who affirms your likes and rains holy judgment upon your dislikes.

Charming Disarmament

Can you imagine leading the kind of life where you have to get good at charmingly disarming bigots in order to try to save your daughter’s life?

The Stories We Tell

I believe God’s word is as sure as the most fundamental cycles of life. I believe God’s word is truer than any story we can make up. We can build our lives on it.

Why I Don’t Wear a WWJD Bracelet

Here’s a news flash: you’re not Jesus. You run out of wine at a wedding? What would Jesus do? He’d turn water into wine. Go ahead.

Sleepless Nights

Lamenting to God over the state of the world is a part of faith. These are hard days we are living in. You don’t need to put on a brave face. Not with God, anyway.

Hateful Christians and Certain Love

God, let me be uncertain about my own righteousness, and certain of your unconditional love for both me and my enemies.

Thanks for Forgetting

We know that sin is not determined by age. I’ve found that sin is the immaturity of being closed to any value that does not serve self-aggrandizement.