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Don’t Pray for Me

Prayer has never been, and prayer will never be, a substitute for accountability.

Jesus Can Be a Little Much

Lovey-dovey Jesus doesn’t do much for me. But a Jesus that’s holy and grumpy, empathetic and impatient, who has no time for my bull? I’ll follow him anywhere.

Better Together

God, we give thanks for those who recognize our faults, and who embrace us and feed us anyway.

Christ the Couturier

Is character something we can put on and cast off as easily as a thrift store find? Is there integrity to this fashion show? Let compassion, kindness, humility be our favorite outfits.


Alexa is fundamentally a disguise, set up to give humans the power we think we deserve. God is fundamentally not a disguise, but one who connects with us by choice.


When your power depends on having no surprises, it will take a huge effort to keep control. Note to self: when I’m scared of the unknown, it’s time to pray.

An Oldie but Goodie

Maybe I’m not the only one who needs a song to take me to a time and place filled with promise, to remind me of the things I have already won when the world gets to be too much.


If we come to peace with our mortality, let us never come to peace with Death as the shattering power that distorts and destroys life as God intended it.

The Hills Are Alive

The wildness of the way still has beauty and bounty, even when the path is overgrown. The paths through the hills are still dressed in God’s joy, no matter the brambles.

This I Know

Mrs. Harrison is the first teacher I remember in Sunday School. She had a gentle smile, a modest bouffant, and she made sure I learned the most important thing: “Jesus loves me.”