United Church of Christ

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O Holy Night

In the realm of heavenly peace, angels wait for God’s signal to fly. Around fires in the hills, shepherds swap bawdy stories. In a nasty shed, Mary labors. It will come.

Are We There Yet?

God’s promised presence is already fulfilled. What we believe needs to be started, pursued, labored over, and completed for God’s sake is already ongoing.

Come By Here

Greetings, favored ones. The Lord is with you, and the time is nigh. Do not be afraid, but rather prepare yourselves. By God’s indwelling, the world is about to turn.

Persistent Trouble, Persistent Hope

Herod stands for any emperor or president, any senator or congressperson, any elected or appointed official who will use power to resist the insurgency of love and grace.

Christmas Cynics

Christmas cynics aren’t trying to spoil things for everyone else. They’re disappointed. If you have a Scrooge in the family—or are one yourself—why not put up a wreath anyway?

Giddy-Up God

From today until Christmas day, let’s pray boldly. Call on God to come. Ask God to shine on you and every person or place that need some light.

I'll Take the Knee

We do our best when we kneel to no god but God alone, to lean not on our own feet but on the power of the One who calls us to humble supplication in the first place.


Even the Wolves are Welcome

Isaiah saw the possibility of all kinds of animals living together. In our time, it’s a challenge to see the possibility of those animals—wolves, bears, bees—simply staying alive.

The Cost of Advent

If you’ve ever been scared to do what’s right but done it anyway, then you understand the cost of Advent.


When have you done enough justice? How do you know if you’ve managed to walk humbly? Acted beloved enough? There is no straight answer, so we rely on God’s grace.