United Church of Christ

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Holy Spirit Super Power

You have the very best superpower of all: the Holy Spirit. The power of grace. The power to dream. The power to choose solidarity over privilege, and understanding over judgment.

The Years the Locust Has Eaten

Pain and oppression have lasting consequences, scrawled across generations, written into our bones. So God images true restoration: of meaningful reparation, of healing down to the bone.

All Together

After Easter, the disciples gathered together often, trying to make sense of life without Jesus.


Your call to follow Jesus may put you at risk. It may make you naked, vulnerable. It may make you the target of trolls. Amidst it all: get your rest, love your God.


Mending broken relationships is not only personal, it is our work as stewards of God's creation. There is more that can be mended than we know.


"Jesus, have mercy." I say it out loud and Depression turns his head, shushes me. "Jesus! Have mercy!" I say it louder this time to the Healer who is holding a hand out to me.

The Greatest Superpower

Jesus sent the seventy out two by two, not one by one. That makes friendship the greatest superpower in the universe.

Guests among Guests

If our churches aren't very inclusive, it might be because we have mistaken ourselves for the Giver of the Feast. We're not hosts extending invitations. We're guests among guests.

Not Easily Dismissed

Paul knew that he and Silas had been treated unjustly, and he insisted that the city officials acknowledge their injustice. Is this a biblical precedent for reparations?


I bet there's somebody in your church whose way of pointing to God embarrasses you. You cringe when every time; you long for them to stop. But maybe God likes their way of praising.