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From My to Our

Martin B. Copenhaver

A mark of maturity—at whatever age—is the movement from more I and me language to more we and our language.

The Slice and the Stitches

Matt Fitzgerald

Relating to a perfectly sweet Lord must bring sweet, sweet expressions to each face, right? If I'm not feeling good in worship I must be doing church wrong. 

The Big Spoon

Molly Baskette

This is how we are before God sometimes. Struggling and trying to do it on our own and failing miserably.

Praying from the Depths

Richard L. Floyd

It is not only in desperate times that we can pray from the very deepest part of our selves.

A Certain Place

Mary Luti

Running from reckonings is what we do. But they breathe down our necks anyway.

We Do Not Lose Heart

Donna Schaper

Losing heart is easy.

Sacred Space

Vince Amlin

They had eyes to see holy ground shining through the brokenness.


Quinn G. Caldwell

When the author of Genesis wants to indicate the nothingness of the time before creation, he describes an earth with no one to plant and garden it.

Like a Plumber at a Deathbed

Matt Fitzgerald

Grace comes in the most unlikely guise. Christ comes when we least expect him. "Like a thief in the night." Or a plumber at a deathbed.

Dead of a Broken Heart

Emily C. Heath

When I was a hospital chaplain I learned that the phrase "died of a broken heart" actually had some validity.