United Church of Christ

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Going Naked

Elissa Johnk

Each morning we clothe ourselves – not just with garments, but with schedules, meetings, partners, plans.

We Chose Each Other

Jennifer Brownell

Prom season arrives, and with it a spate of heartwarming stories in which a head cheerleader or star football player invites a disabled classmate to the big dance.

"Breathe on us, breath of God"

Richard L. Floyd

The church is not dead and we're not done, not by a long shot.

Growing Up

Quinn G. Caldwell

One of the annoying things about growing up is that the more you figure out how to do, the more people expect you to do.

Memorial Day

Lillian Daniel

Memorial Day began after the Civil War as an effort toward reconciliation between the families of veterans in the North and the South.

Watching. Waiting. Listening

Ron Buford

The will of God is often revealed in the waiting, watching, and listening.


Jennifer Garrison Brownell

If the whole earth is full of God's glory, then sometimes God's presence can be scary or frustrating or at least inconvenient.

Learn to Weep

Mary Luti

A little girl asked him why God lets children suffer.

Dish Dogs

Matt Fitzgerald

Celebrity tells those who have achieved it that they matter. It’s why we want to get close to power. It’s why we ignore the outcasts and the failures.


Emily C. Heath

Here is what I think is the best one line synopsis of what it means to live a Christian life.