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The Forgiveness Spiral

Molly Baskette

When people hurt and betray us, the shrapnel wound can go layers deep.

Running for Our Lives

Waltrina N. Middleton

As long as children and families are running for their lives, a culture of violence is a faith issue. Jonah wasn't allowed to run away from his calling to Nineveh, and neither can the church.

Commentary: "Coexist"—a response from Matt Fitzgerald

Matt Fitzgerald

As I said, I’m certainly not against different religions co-existing.

"God's Good Pleasure"

Richard L. Floyd

This passage reminds me of those jokes in which someone asks, "I've got some good news and some bad news. Which do you want to hear first?"

Three Learnings on the Occasion of my 40th Ordination Anniversary

Donna Schaper

I am so glad I never figured out how to color within the lines or paint by numbers.

Like A Breath of Fresh Air

Kenneth L. Samuel

Unity in the midst of wide-spread diversity is the greatest challenge we face in our communities, in our nation and in our world today.

Gather Up the Duct Tape

Talitha Arnold

A sock, a hose, wire, and duct tape. What a great image of the God who, in a UCC Easter prayer, "gathers up the fragments of our lives and creates new possibilities."

Deep Water

Matt Laney

Imagine what Peter, a professional fisherman, thought when carpenter Jesus decided to dispense some free, unsolicited advice on fishing.


Mary Luti

"I know he suffered for us, in our place. What I want to ask him is why we have to suffer. Why we still have to suffer so much!"

Sprint or Marathon?

Emily C. Heath

The Christian life is a long journey, full of challenge, full of opportunities to quit. There are times when you wonder "is this worth it"?