United Church of Christ

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Donna Schaper

Most of us have closets and garages that are way too full and hearts that are way too empty.

Friends Everywhere

John A. Nelson

A colleague tells about a parishioner who was dying. She was elderly, a devout Episcopalian, a bright and lovely lady, and her body was wearing out.

On Our Side

Richard L. Floyd

The atonement is not something that Jesus does for God, or that God did to Jesus.

A Father-in-Law's Love

Martin B. Copenhaver

There is nothing natural about the love of parents-in-law and, in fact, in-law relationships can be notoriously challenging.  And so, parents-in-law are frequently the butt of jokes.

Of Chores and Choices

John A. Nelson

I don’t care for the story. I have far more affinity for Martha than for Mary. Give me a choice between cleaning the kitchen and a crowded conversation: I’ll do the dishes, every time.

One-Euro or Two

Mary Luti

This isn't a place for thinking. It's a place for witnessing. Here it's better just to watch as fragile folk pour out their hearts to someone they hope will listen.

"You can’t carry two watermelons with one hand." -  Proverb

Lillian Daniel

Sometimes we can trick ourselves into doing impossible things.

It's Not About the Soil

Matt Laney

Even a cursory look at the original disciples reveals that Jesus knew all about the diverse garden of human beings.

Pass the Talking Stick

Vince Amlin

In 9 years of working with church small groups, I've come to believe that the most valuable tool a leader can possess is the ability to get someone to shut up.

Unarmored Love

Molly Baskette

One of the oldest love stories in the world is about David and Jonathan.