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Is This Healing Balm for Me?

Marchaé Grair

I like to think when Jeremiah says "my people," he is fleeing from deflection and accepting that his deliverance is intertwined with theirs.

Wonderfully Made

Emily C. Heath

Depression tells many lies. One of them is that we are somehow beneath God's love. But it just isn't true. God knows us, and God knows when we suffer. God loves us immensely in those moments, and I truly believe God wants healing for us. 

Payday Theology

Vicki Kemper

While Paul warns that the wages of sin would be our death if not for Christ, James goes further, saying that the sin of low wages kills Christ all over again. And again. 

Hinge Time

Richard L. Floyd

These rare moments God gives us when life seems especially good are to be embraced and remembered.

Mustafah the Tailor

Talitha Arnold

"Working is a lot more than economics . . . It's about a search for daily meaning as well as for daily bread."

When You're Perfect in So Many Ways

Kaji Douša

A lot of us spend quite a bit of time decrying our kindred in Christ.

Refuge, Not Retreat

Kenneth L. Samuel

When the foundations are being destroyed, God offers us a refuge, not a retreat.


Emily C. Heath

Paul really gets it wrong sometimes. And this is one of those times.

On the 25th Anniversary of an Ordination

Lillian Daniel

On my first day of Divinity School, I knew I liked Bill because neither one of us wanted to get our feet washed in a plastic paint bucket.

Little Christ

Matt Laney

Just remember, unlike most professions, you can claim to be a Christian and still do it badly.