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Jennifer Brownell

We all contain the capacity for both bravery and fear.  That is why sometimes we run toward God, and sometimes slink away.

War is Super Fun

Quinn G. Caldwell

We don’t talk about it much, but war, terrible as it is, is way less boring than peace.

When Peace Came to Church

Vicki Kemper

Have you ever heard 100 people gasp in unison?

The Still Speaking God Can Still Say "No!"

Chris Davies

The concept of a monogamous white able-bodied man-and-wife family with money, with land, with respectability politics--sets up a twisted hierarchy of difference where those with less-than or those who are different-from are turned into Bad Examples.

The Still Speaking God Can Still Say "No!"

Matt Fitzgerald

The belief that God is still speaking does not mean She says "Yes" every time America gets excited. The still speaking God can still say "No."

Remember First, Hope Second

Donna Schaper

Television writer and producer Norman Lear, who is about to turn 93, was asked how he made it so long and so well.  He responded, "By knowing the difference between what is over and what is next."

Take My Hand

Tony Robinson

There is always an opportunity, with God, for a new beginning. 

Respecting the Mystery of God

Richard L. Floyd

"Studying theology is learning how to say the least wrong thing about God."

No Idol Words

Talitha Arnold

God may not have much to do with idols, but I sure do.

Fear Cannot Take the Lead

Kaji Douša

Fear cannot take the lead for any of our major advances.