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Tony Robinson

This business of self-renunciation is a tricky matter. I can think of whole lot of ways to get it wrong.    

Gleeful in the Graveyard

Matt Fitzgerald

In the middle of vacation my wife and I took our kids to my father's grave. 


Mary Luti

Remember in mercy, O God, all who perished on that day. And remember us who live and mourn, struggling to hear, struggling to believe, struggling to obey the awful law of love.

Learning to Love the Bomb

Molly Baskette

How can we, in this life, accept sorrow, even keening sorrow, as the consequence of having really loved someone, and continuing to love them even though they’re on a plane we cannot reach?

Good Things Travel by Word of Mouth

John Edgerton

Tell one person today about how God has been a blessing in your life.

Resistance Training

Vince Amlin

Everywhere we turn, we are offered opportunities for resistance training.

Jesus' Life Matters

Matt Laney

Help us to recognize that when we lift up those who have been knocked down, everyone is blessed.

Remember Me?

Martin B. Copenhaver

I remember the first time my grandmother was not able to recognize me.

Three Mothers, Three Fathers and a Bridal Fitting

Donna Schaper

Many adopted people don't want to know or do want to know or can't decide what they want to know.  There is no right or wrong here.

Whom Will You Trust?

John A. Nelson

Here's a psalm for every election season: don't trust them. You know who I mean. The ones who employ every means at their disposal to get from you something even more precious than your vote. They want your trust; your hope.