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Remembering Names

Matt Laney

Scripture says our names are "engraved on the palms of [God's] hands" not unlike the tattooed names we find on people today as statements of love and fidelity.

Talking Points

Vince Amlin

Turn on any cable news network or talk radio station and you'll hear the same stories told in the same way over and over. Politicians and pundits, journalists and broadcasters all seem to be reading from an identical script. Because they are.


Tony Robinson

It is one of life's basics. You don't mock people who are vulnerable.


Emily C. Heath

We stop doing the unique things that churches can do well, and start doing a mediocre job on what everyone else is doing. Then, we're surprised when it doesn't work.

The Better Angels of our Nature

Richard L. Floyd

The truth is, after Election Day we will have new leaders, but many of the same old problems of race and class and injustice will remain.


Mary Luti

I learned this much as a pastor: suffering kills faith as often as it strengthens it.

Heights of Humility

Kenneth Samuel

God often elevates us to low places

Slumber and Sleep

Vicki Kemper

Pastors or parents, partners or friends, teachers or managers, all of us are sheep in shepherds' clothing.

Addicted to Guilt

Marchaé Grair

Lay yourself bare before God, and know that even on your worst days, you are enough.

God's Intentions

Jennifer Brownell

Whoever set the fire in our building figured it would scare us, or inconvenience us, or even stop us.