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The World is not Enough

Quinn G. Caldwell

Perhaps it's a failure of imagination or nerve, but I simply cannot conceive of a world where our existence simply ends at death.

But First It Will Make You Mad

Tony Robinson

We imagine that we have arrived, that we are the smart, the strong, the good and the successful. But face to face with Jesus, we find that maybe we have made a little too much of ourselves.

Sometimes Spirits Need Shelters

Maren Tirabassi

Thank you for all the small and precious stories of unquenchable spirits.

My Cup Overflows

Donna Schaper

What is the difference between an empty cup and a full one? 

The 4 Types of Nones

Lillian Daniel

Are you are doing a good job of welcoming people who have never experienced religious community before?

Both-And, not Either-Or

John Nelson

In one church, a painful rift developed between church members who wanted to use scarce funds to spruce up the church's fellowship hall, others who wanted the funds to go directly to needy persons.

Give Up Trying to Save Yourself

Rob Buford

Many well-meaning religious teachers taught us that there are requirements for God to love us. But Jesus says this is a lie.

Facing Injustice

Kenneth L. Samuel

Even as we look upon the ultimate, eternal triumph of God's only begotten Son, we must not neglect or erase our contributions to his death.

Beyond 6:8

Quinn G. Caldwell

Stick only with Micah 6:8, and you might think that our faith is primarily a scold, trying to hector you into behaving better so you can save the world yourself.

Easter is for You

Matt Fitzgerald

Eternity has just begun. Christ is risen! Not as an isolated miracle, but as the first of many. Get ready.