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The Next Reformation

Donna Schaper

This month we begin a year of celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

Moving Mountains

Tony Robinson

You take a wild and wooly word from Jesus like this one about faith moving mountains and learn to whittle it down, to domesticate it, to nuance it, to explain it.

Cheering for Jesus!

Richard L. Floyd

I was overcome with emotion, because I knew they weren't cheering for me.

A Song in a Weary Throat

Talitha Arnold

The Psalmist reminds us how to sing.

Jesus and the Peloton

Kaji Douša

Something in me does not trust a crowd.

What Do You Want?

Emily C. Heath

When things in our lives are hardest, sometimes that's a sign that we need to take a first step towards healing.

Hell is a Place Where the Visitors Wear Name Tags

Lillian Daniel

Everything we do in church ought to include the possibility that this is not a show we put on for one another, but a powerful connection between all of humanity and God.

Remembering Names

Matt Laney

Scripture says our names are "engraved on the palms of [God's] hands" not unlike the tattooed names we find on people today as statements of love and fidelity.

Talking Points

Vince Amlin

Turn on any cable news network or talk radio station and you'll hear the same stories told in the same way over and over. Politicians and pundits, journalists and broadcasters all seem to be reading from an identical script. Because they are.


Tony Robinson

It is one of life's basics. You don't mock people who are vulnerable.