United Church of Christ

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Getting Right with God

Matt Laney

A new Mormon temple recently opened up in my neck of the woods. Like many curious locals, I signed up for a tour. 

Garlic Party!

Vince Amlin

Like Jeremiah, we (mostly) trust that God will bring this work to fruition.

Confirmation Bias

Molly Baskette

How is it that we read the same Bible so differently, and follow one and the same Jesus in such opposite directions? 

The Reluctant Giver

Jennifer Brownell

All due respect to the Apostle Paul, but I just don't agree with him. 

Razzle Dazzle

Quinn G. Caldwell

Is there someone trying to get you to follow them these days?

Battery Acid

Mary Luti

Some church folk would rather drink battery acid than sing a new hymn.


Kenneth L. Samuel

Sin is the denial and the neglect of who we are. 

Liberals Dancing to Ted Nugent

Matt Fitzgerald

A vegetarian leopard is like a sophisticated liberal who loves Ted Nugent.


Donna Schaper

The answer is in the sky, not in more effort or more determination or more will power.


Tony Robinson

It's about God.