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Heart, Soul, Mind, and Neck

Vince Amlin

I'm always a little wary when a couple comes in for premarital counseling and they say they've never had an argument.

Population Zero

Quinn G. Caldwell

There are, to be sure, righteous persons out there.  Maybe you're one of them.  But there aren't any out there who don't need to repent, at least once in a while.

Chicks in Danger

John A. Nelson

Last spring, sin came to our church's front door. 

No Fool

Quinn G. Caldwell

God needs representatives who won't convert people away from God, but will invite them to love. Representatives who live lives of grace and welcome, love and service, adventure and tenderness.

Whom Shall We Fear?

Talitha Arnold

Overflowing with spit and vinegar, the Psalmist lists all the things that could have made him afraid but didn't faze him in the least.

No Worries

Matt Laney

This is no small challenge.

Ghastly Prayer

Mary Luti

What I pray for when I'm distraught, terrified, enraged, or overwhelmed is not what I pray for when I'm peaceful, content, hopeful, and safe.

The Mercy Seat

Kenneth L. Samuel

Our places of worship are places where God's mercy meets the madness of our lives. 

Making Toast

Donna Schaper

What would life be like if we lived beyond and without blame? 

A Time for Something New 

Emily C. Heath

In the 1960's a band put the words of Ecclesiastes to music, and the world came to know them not so much as Scripture, but as song.