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Mary Luti

I learned this much as a pastor: suffering kills faith as often as it strengthens it.

Heights of Humility

Kenneth Samuel

God often elevates us to low places

Slumber and Sleep

Vicki Kemper

Pastors or parents, partners or friends, teachers or managers, all of us are sheep in shepherds' clothing.

Addicted to Guilt

Marchaé Grair

Lay yourself bare before God, and know that even on your worst days, you are enough.

God's Intentions

Jennifer Brownell

Whoever set the fire in our building figured it would scare us, or inconvenience us, or even stop us.

It Was Shed For You Because You Need It 

Matt Fitzgerald

The question isn't if a cross is in your future, but whether you will pick it up.

Prayer in the Midst of a Bar Fight

Martin B. Copenhaver

Politics ain't beanbag.

It's Bigger than You Thought

John A. Nelson

Every Tuesday and Thursday, the bar seating section of a local diner is our site for Bible Breakfast, where we read the lectionary passages for the coming worship and pry into their message and meaning. There's almost always more going on than meets the eye.

Once More into the Breach

Kaji Douša

Leave too many spaces untended and something powerful will take root.

Is God Responsible for Everything? 

Lillian Daniel

"If we don't accept each other, even the One Above won't save us from ourselves."