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Saint Sammy

Emily C. Heath

Protestant Christians don't just think of saints as people who are extraordinarily holy. Sainthood, for us, has little to do with being extraordinarily good.

The Power of Patience

Marchae Grair

In God's Divine wisdom, perhaps She knows we need reminders to slow down and wait. 

A Victory Speech from Someone Who Never Wins Anything 

Lillian Daniel

When it comes to little contests and games of chance, I never win anything. But guess who guessed the number of chocolate coffee beans in the jar last Sunday?  

Jedi Christians

Matt Laney

You don't have to give up your affinity for God as the deeply interconnected power of relationship knitting the universe together to be a Christian.

Life Stories

John A. Nelson

Which ideology wins an election will influence our lives: granted. But the work of the faithful remains the same, regardless.

Every Kind of Trouble

Vicki Kemper

May God comfort you today, that you might be a channel of comfort for others.

Getting there…eventually

Emily C. Heath

The life of faith is not always one of immediate obedience. Sometimes it's one of wrestling with a Parent who loves us and wants what's best for us.


Jennifer Brownell

We have already been ushered, via God's amazing covenant, into a land of outrageous abundance, a planet flowing with all we need for nurture and nutrition. 

Empty Chair

Mary Luti

Did anyone try to love Judas as Jesus did?

Think Like a Woman

Kenneth L. Samuel

Our vaunted patriarchies are often disturbed by the Bible.