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Rain in the Nightwatch

Ron Buford

Sometimes in relationships, organizations, a call, or even with God we can feel mired in darkness. But love, like the dawn, is not a feeling—it's an eternal promise.

The Bride and the Iguana, and Other True Stories

Mary Luti

"The Word of the Lord!"

A Blessing for a Biker

Sir John Hargrave

Jesus said, "Love your enemies," but if you're leading a relatively stable lifestyle, you probably don't have many outright enemies. Who are we supposed to pray for? ISIS?

"Old Woman Jesus"

Matt Fitzgerald

Jesus sees an old woman, her back hunched, tattered pocketbook held in a plastic grocery bag. I think "pathetic." But, when he sees her Jesus sees himself.

The Widow's Might

Donna Schaper

Did the widow have hope that by giving Jesus something he could give her something?

Memory Work

Tony Robinson

After Christmas one year I drove five hours to visit my father, who had Alzheimer's.

Our Unholy Divisions

Richard L. Floyd

In so many ways we stress our differences rather than what we have in common. And those who share Christ have a lot in common!

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Vicki Kemper

Today is Dr. King's birthday; he could have been 87 years old. Take some time to honor the man who brought hope, justice, and freedom to so many, a prophet who challenges us still.

In Your Light We See Light

John Nelson

When soaking up the rhythms and imagery of the Psalms, what I find is how they reach and readjust me, wherever I am. 

Coming Home

Emily C. Heath

Repentance doesn't have to be scary.