United Church of Christ

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We Choose Prayer

When you feed the hungry, you feed the soul. Serving a meal without a prayer feels as ridiculous as serving soup without a spoon. So we keep praying at meals.


You would do well to know the difference between being consumed and being afire. Burn for God’s message in you. 

The Gospel for the Person Who Has Everything

Some of the most important things in life happen not with another victory, but with a surrender. Like letting ourselves be loved. 

Body Talk

I feel the tiredness all in my body. Perhaps my body is calling me back to myself. To slow down and take notice. To breathe into those places that are painfully holding on to tension.

Religious Liberty is Neither

If Jesus served and was served by people of different faith, values and customs, we are called to do likewise.

Oh Say, Can You See?

Make us good citizens of this realm, O God, by making us better citizens of yours, eyes on the prize and committed to closing the distance.

Beyond Bravery

Our greatest challenge is not in dying but in living our lives in the fullness of our values and purpose. Life that is disconnected from value and purpose is mere existence.


Our son had never been in such a big Pride parade.

Chicken Pants

The word of correction that comes out a shout.

Spiritual Arteriosclerosis

A hardened heart is arteriosclerosis of the spirit, the refusal to feel anymore. Hanging on to the ability to care, the ability to feel, the ability to hurt is not for babies.