United Church of Christ

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We’re Everywhere Now

In my lifetime, we have gone from furtively hiding to joyfully journeying to the holy mountain. Just as the prophet promised.


Your church can help heal divisions by addressing your community’s pain. Your church’s works of justice and mercy have never been more important.


Even in this wild adventure, we are reminded of God’s peace that does not depend on outcome, or circumstances, or conditions. It lives within us.

Head Blessings

The psalmist said that it is good and pleasant when we dwell together in unity. But not all things that are pleasant are good – and not all things that are good are pleasant.


How do we know when to quit, dust off our feet and move on? Or to plant our dusty feet on the earth, and start singing ‘We shall not be moved’?

Killers Like Me

My job is to tap into the source for the sake of that which is depending on me. God’s care was never meant to inspire carelessness in us.

Let’s Talk about Giving

Where would we be today if God had only loved us without giving us a gift that visibly and tangibly expressed that love?


Today, or last week, or right this minute, someone – some dreamer – is casting a vision that may trouble you or trouble me because it threatens some value we hold.

Change Happens

Change happens. But here’s what hasn’t changed: We’re still just trying to connect with each other and share God’s love.

Social Distance Violations of the Bible

These days, standing within five feet of anyone feels so intimate. Seeing someone’s smile unmasked? Enough to start your blood pumping. So dangerous.