United Church of Christ

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Naming Evil

Refusing to name evil does not and will not make it go away. When we do not name evil, we give it unleashed power to prevail.

Concerns and Condolences

Tributes are wonderful ways to express gratitude for those who’ve made great sacrifices to make America a more perfect union of democracy. But they are not the best ways.

An Heirloom of Our Faith

Imagine the woman giving her alabaster jar one last polish before she takes a deep breath, moves toward Jesus, and breaks things open.

Redesigning Beauty

We might embroider God’s intended beauty on our hearts, like a tattoo, and wear the promises proudly so we could actually recreate.

Play to Pray

How do we enact play in our busy, overscheduled lives? You already know the answer: We do less. We allow more unstructured time. We make messes, art carts, and robot noises.

Keep the Faith and Struggle On

Struggle with God and watch yourself be transformed; your questions are valid and blessed. Your challenges are never beyond God’s reach.

Driving Out Hate

We should be united in calling one another away from evil, united in renouncing leaders who trade in the unacceptable. There are not two sides to that.

Revive Us Again

In the midst of a pandemic and the troubles of this time, I could use some reviving. Perhaps you could, too.

The Fragility of Mappability

One of the more awkward things about our faith is how firmly tied it is to the concrete world. This particularity makes religion potentially fragile.

Blessed Are the Broken

Our wounds and our scars don't make us too broken for anything – for love, for healing, or for closure.