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Sometimes a Sheep

Tony Robinson

For some the whole sheep thing is hard, a downgrade. Sheep are dumb. Sheep stand around going "Baa, baa." Sheep are passive. Sheep are dependent. "I'm no sheep."


Donna Schaper

We think disease is something that needs a pill or a chemical or a drug company. What if disease was more appropriately defined?

The Poor Are Not Lucky

Lillian Daniel

I have heard rich people say that the poor are lucky. But I have yet to hear a poor person say it.

Look at it!

Maren Tirabassi

There are things that poison life …. The first step and the only chance to heal them is to name them.

Those Whose Race Is Won

Mary Luti

We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, but except on All Saints Day, it hovers over us unnoticed. It's like our appendix: we don't need it, so unless it acts up, we don't know it's there.


Emily C. Heath

When the kids of my neighborhood come to the front door of my spiritual house, I want the doors to be open. And I want what they find inside to be even sweeter than candy.

Better Ways Not to Believe in God

Donna Schaper

Let me give you three ways to lean towards God if you can't or don't believe.

Toward a Theology of Coffee Hour

Richard L. Floyd

Wherever Jesus turned up there always seemed to be a meal.

Making a Scene

Tony Robinson

I am averse to making a scene. And I don't much care for it when  other people make one.

No Pious Meetings in the Liquor Store

Matt Fitzgerald

I took Isaiah's advice and skipped church on vacation. In lieu of worship I swam and rode bikes with my family. I also took a few trips to the country liquor store.