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Say It Again

Mary Luti

Every Advent, the prophets remind us that God is disgusted by piety divorced from justice.

I Must Stop Christmas From Coming…But How?

John Edgerton

I think I might hate the week before Christmas.

How Can I Forget?

Kenneth L. Samuel

It is said that people often forget what you say to them, but people never forget how you make them feel.

Making Room for Joy

Emily C. Heath

The church observes Advent not because we hate joy. Instead, we prepare so that we can become more joyful people.

Imperfect Love

Matt Fitzgerald

"Pray for your enemies." Only God knows what such prayer might do for those people, but if you've tried it, you know that Jesus' prayer kills the enmity that lives inside your own heart.

Jesus Goes to Hell

Martin B. Copenhaver

Hell—a sense of being forsaken, the absence of God, a place of despair. We have been there. And Jesus has been there.


Donna Schaper

When Advent preparations pound us into a place far from grace, imagine the preposterous notion that we are already prepared.

Noisy Advent

Mary Luti

If we ever imagined that our healing would be a gentle, quiet thing, the Advent scriptures correct us. It's noisy heavy-lifting.

Apocalypse Not Now

Vince Amlin

In our own time, there is a sense that time is winding up.

Neither Victim nor Victor

Molly Baskette

What would it be like if, in our own lives, we took refuge neither in victim nor victor status?