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Once More into the Breach

Kaji Douša

Leave too many spaces untended and something powerful will take root.

Is God Responsible for Everything? 

Lillian Daniel

"If we don't accept each other, even the One Above won't save us from ourselves."

Land of the Lost

Matt Laney

You know what it is to feel lost and/or distanced from God. If you are not in the land of the lost now, you've been there before and will likely find yourself there again.

If this is Goodbye

Vince Amlin

The early church talked a lot about The End.

Dessert First

Molly Baskette

One of the hardest things about being a grownup is that our inherent grownup-ness often prevents us from eating dessert first.

Were You There?

Jennifer Brownell

Were you a first-hand witness that day? 

When You're Hurting

Tony Robinson

We worship a God who can handle the questions born of hurt, anger and rejection.

Judge Me, Please

Mary Luti

Being supportive isn't always the best we can do.

Spare Us the Beauty of Fruit Trees

Matt Fitzgerald

We can confuse cynicism for wisdom. We'll get plenty of agreement.

Is This Healing Balm for Me?

Marchaé Grair

I like to think when Jeremiah says "my people," he is fleeing from deflection and accepting that his deliverance is intertwined with theirs.