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Donna Schaper

How do we know when to quit, dust off our feet and move on?


Tony Robinson

Even in anxious times, perhaps especially in anxious times, joy in beauty, joy in life, joy in God, is true and good.

The Time of Trial

Richard L. Floyd

Since I was a child I have prayed the line from the Lord's Prayer "lead us not into temptation."

Forgiving and Forgetting

Martin B. Copenhaver

To forgive, something like forgetfulness is required.

Lions and Bears: OMG

John A. Nelson

God saves me from a worldview filled with pursuit and escape. God steadily reintroduces what fear has caused me to forget: holy love and faithfulness; covenant loyalty and truth.

Keep the Faith and Struggle On

Kaji Douša

Struggle with God and watch yourself be transformed.

Age as Accomplishment

Lillian Daniel

Bless this youth-obsessed culture with the knowledge that age can be a blessing, not to be taken for granted

My gods

Matt Laney

If I asked what you believe in most profoundly, what you have given your heart to, what would you say? 

Don't Kill the Messenger

Vince Amlin

When something stresses me out, my inclination is to ignore it.

Thy Sting

Molly Baskette

When people we love get sick or die out of the natural order of things, we are stung anew by the awareness that we're only here for a little while.