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Kaji Douša

Someone once interpreted the scriptures to teach me: "faith is (mostly) not about you."

New Year, Old Me

Emily C. Heath

It's that time of the year when every website, magazine, and Twitter feed is selling January 1st-dated potential.

From Beginning to End

Mary Luti

I've been hearing this a lot: "What an awful year—2016 can't end fast enough!"

What Are You Teaching Today?

Kenneth L. Samuel

What life lessons will we teach others through our attitudes and actions today?

Today Could be Christmas

Martin B. Copenhaver

Sometimes I think that Christmas, properly celebrated, would not be a fixed date on the calendar.  It would not happen on the same day every year.  It would be more like a surprise party.  

Sacred Speech/Verbal Pollution

Tony Robinson

Truth is elusive and hard to come by. Figuring out what is true, listening for truth, speaking truth; it's hard work.

Jesus the Baby

Donna Schaper

The way Jesus lived, always opening every gate, refusing every lock down, became the pattern for a life that cannot die.

In the Beginning

Lillian Daniel

Christmas day has passed, and now we are left with the wrapping paper, the empty boxes and perhaps a few empty hearts.

Dragging the Stars Down to Earth

Donna Schaper

You can always just gaze and notice the Cosmos where you are.


John Edgerton

It's good (I suppose) to grow out of the thrill of materialism, but I've lost something too.