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That Kind of Fig Tree

Vince Amlin

This fig business has always confused me. 

Look Up, Stay Up

Jennifer Brownell

Summer at the lake, and I'm trying out a borrowed paddleboard.

Never Remember

Molly Baskette

The memory of the national tragedy that befell us on September 11, 2001 turns 16 years old today.

Bird Armor

Quinn G. Caldwell

When the artist Seamus Moran visited the Tower of London, his attention was arrested by a disturbing sight: standing amid the rows of suits of armor for men and horses, a little metal outfit, maybe two and a half feet tall.

Present Imperfect

Mary Luti

Hypocrisy comes in many varieties. 

Light from the Least

Kenneth L. Samuel

When thick, palpable, complete darkness descended upon the Egyptians, I wonder why none of them seemed to notice that the Children of Israel had light.

Not as Hard as God

Matt Fitzgerald

Pharaoh is an idiot.


Donna Schaper

One of my favorite hobbies is overdoing metaphors.

Standing on Holy Ground

Talitha Arnold

Moses must have laughed out loud when the voice from the burning bush told him he was standing on "holy ground."

Silence is Golden!

Richard L. Floyd

I was taught never to say, "Shut up!" It was considered rude. So I still don't.